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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
As to the term arc....Do you want credit for me starting to use it more? I'll gladly
give you that credit
, because I have no problem sharing credit with those that
deserve a share. Although I'm quite sure I'd used the term well before I picked
up on your use of it, I did start to use it more here in hopes that using a term you
favored might help us to reach the common ground that you avoid so hostilely.
Sure, I've taken some swings after some of the insults, but I've always tried
really hard to keep things at least reasonable. Several times I though we had
some major common ground worked out, but each time you brought on a
major assault to bust it up. Why??

The bold above didn't answer your question on arc?
I realize that Oscar and I discussed arc many times before I noticed you
using it, but I had already used the term in my instruction prior to Oscar
as well. Not sure what you are looking for on that.
Oscar and I discussed how the term "swing" denotes a curve or arc vs
the classic drive out thru 5 balls which actually can push out relatively
straight. In fact, the target line of 5 balls is straight, right?
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