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All of those guys except Robert aren't even developmental coaches. My god you are willing to credit "even" Robert? The hysterical thing is his understanding of the modern forehand is far superior to yours or Wegner.

What about Jose, or Rick Macci, or Nick Saviano, or Jay Berger, or Mike Sell, or Chris Lewit, or Brett Hobden or Peter McCraw or Luis Bruguera? Do you even know who these guys are and what they think or how they coach or are they just all part of the loser classical crowd?

So no that's a non answer and I don't see anything about the arc either. I don't care about the credit you and I know the truth and it doesn't really matter. You guys have desperately back pedaled and weaseled and double talked about every issue that shows the weakness of your approach--like the preparation with the opposite arm and the floowthrough shapes. When you get called on something like that you just act like that was really what you were saying all along. Classic Orwellian!

What I am asking is whether a hand or a racket can move forward or outward while traveling on an arc.

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