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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
some equipment adjustment can help too.

if you have played pingpong with those pedals with no rubber on it (just bare wood), you will know that there is very little effect from the spin (top or under).. same idea for tennis, the shorter the dwell time, the less energy a spinny ball can transfer to the racket face (less the other way also)... stiffer frame, stiffer strings will require less effort to overcome the spin.

it's a battle between the ball and the racket... you need mass... the lowest hanging fruit is sticking a few strips of lead tapes on the frame... you will suddenly notice them 'mini nadals' are merely ***** cats.
My frame RA is 65 and tension is 60 lbs. Weight is 12.5 oz all together, probably 8 pts HL
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