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Originally Posted by corners View Post
Drak, have you tried the flat/rectangular polys from Gosen, Polymater I & II in the crosses? I haven't had the chance to, but the flat surfaces of those string might not cut into the gut mains at all, or not for a while.
Haven't tried that set up. Mostly gut/poly set-ups, and id hit with full bed of 4G and full bed of black magic 15L.

Originally Posted by Johnny-Cage View Post
The steams are so stiff. I suffer from arm problems, would you recommend this? Or should I just stick with the more flexible BLX Tour?
They don't play/feel as stiff as the rating would indicate.

Originally Posted by crosbydog View Post
Drak -
My 11 y.o. demo'd a 99S tonight and liked it. What do you recommend string wise for a kid with this racket? She got more pace than usual and her high top spins dropped in more easily.
If you are going full poly, string it low,,,,,,,, like in the high 40's, low 50's.

Good luck, and have fun.

Originally Posted by D-money View Post
So I got my 99s and strung it up with pro hurricane tour 16. Went for a hit today and I'm thoroughly impressed. I've don't normally buy rackets without a demo or two but I figured I'd have no problem getting rid of it if I didn't like it. As others have said the launch angle is noticeably different and the topspin is incredible. It's definitely going to take a long time to get used to on serve because it swings much lighter than the club I have been hitting with and as of now it's a little tough to control. I also don't notice much more kick than normal but once I get it dialed in I'm sure I'll be getting some launch off the court. I'm not sure about the hurricane as a string for it I'm thinking 4G might be a great string for this stick even though my initial review of it for the playtest was t necessarily glowing.
What are some full poly jobs that people have used with this and how were they?
Try Black Magic 15l. Will solve the durability issue, and also adds some control. Still powerful, comfortable, and the spin is still there.

Originally Posted by wmilas View Post
I noticed that Wilson doesn't have the recommended string patterns up for the 99s. Anyone have a clue as to how to string this thing 2 piece? Mine will be here Thursdayish and I want to string it before I play on Friday
Just string it normal. No special stringing is required. have fun and let us know your feedback.
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