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Originally Posted by J011yroger View Post
Doing horrible in Toronto would be the two years he lead the league in wins and ERA, and won the Cy Young award?

Please, tell me your benchmark for a good year.


Were you watching baseball back then? He had 4 bad seasons in a row with Boston where he won around 40-45 games total if I remember correctly then left for Toronto. Then he started spring training getting bombed in 4-5 starts even worse than he did the last 4 years in boston and felt he needed to do something to prove he was worth the multi million dollar deal and thats when he decided to start with the PEDs and it turned his career totally around. (thats when his trainer said he began cheating with PEDs) He went from on the verge of washed up while clean to going on to winning 4 more Cy Youngs on the PEDs and he. just like Bonds, did this as he got older and for some reason you guys think the PEDs only helped them marginally if at all.
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