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Originally Posted by dizzlmcwizzl View Post
I feel your pain ... right now I think I am in 4.0-4.5 purgatory. I was not challenged at 4.0, now that I am a 4.5, I am pretty sure I am not good enough for 4.5.

We used to have much more of that here. Players were frequently moving up one year and down the next. Some of it I think was due to players getting bumped and then "working" their way back down to the level where they think they belong.

Recently however, I do not think that is as true. Someone on the boards referred to this as "downwards stickiness" ... but I think the USTA has tweaked thier algoritym to make it harder to move down than it is to move up.
LOL. You're plenty good enough for 4.5. It's just that you'll be 10-10 instead of 25-2, but that's certainly not "not good enough".
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