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Originally Posted by klementine79 View Post
I laid it on top of an MgPresMid and it's significantly smaller (the TXE edge), my guess is around

The leather grip has Babolat finishing tape on it. Maybe he switched the grip out? Doesn't seem like that kind of guy. Did Babolat provide the leather grips for Head racquets once upon a time?

Still don't know what it's made out of. It doesn't say 'Twaron' or fiberglass, just graphite. Checked out some auctions and the prices vary, based on condition.

I'd like to keep it. Do a loose grommet fix on the 2 or 3 grommets that are cracked and swap the leather out.
That's not Babolat finishing tape on the racquet. That's Babolat head protection tape that was put on to replace the finishing tape. A common practice back in the day when you did not have any finishing tape. That looks like the original grip that came with the racquet.

There is no Twaron in the TXE. Its graphite and fiberglass.

Head size is 81
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