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Everyone alive in here? *checking TWMAC pulse*

HW, tough deal on the gall bladder. I don't have mine anymore. Lots of women don't. Take that as you will...women (especially pregnant ones) are more disposed. You're young...plenty of time to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Blocking of the ducts from your liver is no laughing matter though. I'm glad they caught it early. And yeah, the pain is like no other. Its good you went to the doctor and didn't just ignore it.

When is the sucker coming out? Open? Or lap? Mine was lap, and it took longer to recover from that than it did my open appendectomy. Hell, have them take that out too while you're at is better with fewer spare parts!

Again, on a more serious took me a good few months for things to work normally again. The gall bladder is the reservoir for bile, and without it, bile is just free-floating through your GI system. No harm, no foul, but it takes awhile for your body to adjust.

Lesson for the TWMAC attention to what comes out of your body, it can tell you lots of things!
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