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Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
My point, as well as the facts I provided for you stand. He struck out 20 batteries (equaling his record) at the end of the 1996 season with the Red Sox (one of his last starts with them). In addition, PED's won't work as fast as you suggest (he sucked for 4 weeks in training camp, then decided to do PED's, and came out taking no prisoners a few days later.

And again, I'm not saying he didn't take roids or other substances. I'm convinced he did. Probably began takin them at the end of 1996 (while with Boston, and suffering from shoulder problems).

I dont know how quickly they can possibly work but there was one mediocre pitcher who pitched for the Twins back in that era and he was on a talk show just a few weeks ago and he claimed that he was only able to throw 87 mph until he started on some PED program and in 3 months he was able to throw 95 and threw that hard for 2 years before an injury ended his career.
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