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If you like hitting with ~ 12 oz racquets, a 11 oz racquet will not feel right as these racquets have to be less headlight in order to get the swingweight up and improve stability.

I also hit with the Blade 98 18X20 today when I demoed the Graphene Speed MP. These are both very good 11 oz racquets, but the balance on both is a bit "clubby" (2 or 3 pts headlight) compared to a 12 oz racquet which is usually 6 to 8 points headlight.

Actually, I felt that both the Graphene Speed MP and the Blade 98 18x20 have a lot of power for 11 oz racquets, but you're right, they will not match the power and ball "heaviness" of a 12 oz racquet. You have to make it up with swing speed with a 11 oz racquet.
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