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Originally Posted by JAY1 View Post
Ok that's helpful. My PS GT Ltd are coming tomorrow (I hope). I've been using the original PS Ltd this weekend and just love them, so can't wait for the new sticks. I feel like a teenager again. I used to play a 6.0 level but now would struggle to play a 5.0 level or less. I mainly coach now, but this racket has given me the excitement to hit some balls again. I've never ever lacked any power but have always searched for the optimum control in a racket. This is it, I think!
I'm going to string all three i get at 53lbs tomorrow. Or do you think I should vary the tensions in all three, ie; 53, 54, 55 lbs?
Only thing about this though is when you find the right tension you have cut the string's out of the other two...
If possible, assuming you string for yourself and strings at least last you one session. Why don't you string one of them up at that tension, decide if that is what you like or needs adjustment. And then stir up the others, with this, you won't have to waste string, nor dislike it if you choose the wrong tension.
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