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I had a match today and the problems I had on serve are still there but I'm getting the feel for volleys and overheads. My groundstrokes, however, are fantastic with this this stick. The net clearance like everyone has said is noticeably higher and the kick off of the court and late movement on the ball is like no other racket I've hit with. The babolat pro hurricane tour 1.30 is not playing like I'd like. In a string pattern this open it seems the PHT has a plasticky feel. No loud thwack that I usually get from that string. I'm thinking I might try Drak's suggestion with the genesis or maybe I'll try 4G in this. I was speaking with a Wilson rep that suggested 4G as well. She said that the frame was designed to work with it and in the context of our conversation I doubt she'd make give me a bunch of marketing bs. Also the 4GS might be worth a hit when it's available.
I think its available now...
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