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Originally Posted by etd View Post
If you like hitting with ~ 12 oz racquets, a 11 oz racquet will not feel right as these racquets have to be less headlight in order to get the swingweight up and improve stability.

I also hit with the Blade 98 18X20 today when I demoed the Graphene Speed MP. These are both very good 11 oz racquets, but the balance on both is a bit "clubby" (2 or 3 pts headlight) compared to a 12 oz racquet which is usually 6 to 8 points headlight.

Actually, I felt that both the Graphene Speed MP and the Blade 98 18x20 have a lot of power for 11 oz racquets, but you're right, they will not match the power and ball "heaviness" of a 12 oz racquet. You have to make it up with swing speed with a 11 oz racquet.
I have a Blade 16x19 and I agree that you can't compare racquets with such a big difference in weight. I actually added about .3oz or so of lead to the handle to make the Blade more headlight and easier to whip.

My question is if you had to pick between the Speed MP and Blade 98, which one would you go with? I like the Blade 98 so far because it swings easier than my PSTGT but still offers a good amount of power. Of course, due to the lighter static weight, it doesn't offer the same power but before that, I never found a racquet that was stable enough at 11oz.

Originally Posted by mrmo1115 View Post
I've been demoing the 2 Blades and they do feel "clubby" I don't think having all the weight at the tip is something I like. I'm used to a racquet thats a bit more head light. The Blade 98 feels a bit more maneuverable than my Bab PST but not as much as the Head.

I feel like the Blade does play heavier than its static weight due to its high SW. For the people who don't mind the heavy head then I think the Blade works perfectly. A light package but one that packs punch and has stability/solid feel.

etd, whats your opinion on the Blade 18/20? I haven't had as much time with it since its strung with Wilson Sensation.. a string that's not in my wheelhouse. I've hit the 16/19 and its just way too lively for me. Whats your frame history? If you're in the 11 oz strung range then we might not be similar in preference but just wanted your opinion on it. And I don't think you've hit the Pro ? If I'm wrong and you have can you compare Blade 18/20 with the Pro? I'm not really considering the 18/20 but maybe I'm not giving it a fair shot since I haven't hit it much. The time I've hit with it though I haven't been sold on it.. I think its the balance.
I am still debating whether to demo the Pro given what you guys have mentioned but a little leery of 18x20 string patterns.
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