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Originally Posted by MarinaHighTennis View Post
So my friend has picked up tennis last year (he quit varsity basketball and baseball to play tennis). Any places of improvement?

Also, this is his college recruiting video for CalTech/MIT. He hopes tennis will help show his versatility to get him in, instead of solely relying on his grades. Did we make the video alright?

The Table of Contents is interactive so you can skip around the video too
The video is fine, but I don't know if anyone will look at it. It's a ten minute video showing that he's well rounded. A ten minute video of his walking, talking, sentient robot might get looked at, but I doubt the admission officials will have time to view a video that just shows he's well rounded. It would be sufficient to say that he got on the varsity tennis team, or he played USTA junior tournaments and list some results. Your friend is applying to the college based on his academics. He's not going out for the tennis team. MIT and CalTech don't even have tennis teams, do they?

But you made it already. You might want to talk to someone knowledgeable about the admissions processes at these schools and ask whether or not you should include it.

On forehand, it would be better if his basic footwork was to set-up semi-open to open with the weight on the outside/back leg. You certainly can hit from neutral and swing your back leg around (as he does in the video), but that footwork doesn't take maximum advantage of the power your legs can put into the shot. I use that neutral stance/swing leg when the ball is short and I can't get to the preferred set-up or if I set-up short and then need to step in. Basically I think this is what everyone else is saying.
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