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Originally Posted by esgee48 View Post
To go from 18x20 to 16x18 is easy enough. Just skip the last mains and top/bottom cross. You can also do the 16x19 pattern by skipping last mains and just the last cross at the bottom. Should be no frame integrity issues. You can't do anything about central main spacing, but I suspect the the string bed will be slightly less stiff.

Addendum: May have to find new tie off holes.
Good point! Most frames (more often than not) have 6 tie off holes - four on the end where the mains end so you can tie off each main and one cross. And two on the other end where only a cross is tied. If you omit the outside mains you will end on the wrong end, and use both tie off holes for the mains doing two piece. You may want to consider an ATW pattern if you try this and your mains end at the bottom or you are stringing hybrid.
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