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Originally Posted by FedericRoma83 View Post
According to Wiki a panel of the SID ranked the top-10 players of 1969 as follows:
1) Laver, 2) Roche, 3) Newcombe, 4) Okker, 5) Ashe, 6) Rosewall, 7) Gonzales, 8. Drysdale, 9) Gimeno, Stolle (tied)

The AO was played in Janaury and it was entered by Roche, Newcombe, Okker, and Ashe. That means it missed only one of those who were the top-5 players at the time of the event. I know that the 5th seeded was Stan Smith (at the time not a top-10 yet), and I also know that Rosewall was a potential no. 1, as he demonstrated later in that season, but that doesn't change the fact that the tournament was entered by those who in that moment were the world no. 2, 3, 4, and 5.
I'm starting to think that maybe AO '70 doesn't deserve its fake-Major status.

What's your opinion?
When stated like that I guess in isolation the AO of that year was not so bad, but it was probably still the poorer cousins of the other slams.

I've always said it, the AO truely came of age in 1995, when the 2 biggest names of that era, Agassi and Sampras (not just the 2 best players, but the biggest names) contested the final.
That is all.
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