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Default 1995? Ah no

Originally Posted by Blocker View Post
When stated like that I guess in isolation the AO of that year was not so bad, but it was probably still the poorer cousins of the other slams.

I've always said it, the AO truely came of age in 1995, when the 2 biggest names of that era, Agassi and Sampras (not just the 2 best players, but the biggest names) contested the final.
The biggest names in the sport were playing it in the 1980s - lendl, edberg, wilander etc . The 1995 date and players you mention as biggest names is completely arbitrary. By the way sampras was playing it since at least 1990. Agassi didn't play it because of a silly choice on his part. A choice now he probably regrets because it turned out to be his best slam.
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