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I had few more sessions with this beautifull baby with full poly job. Here are my thougs.

- Great feel. It have one of the best feel at contact i have experienced. Great pocketing due to very open string pattern.
- Serving. It is really good racquet for serving, both flat and even more notably kick serves.
- Nice weight and balance. It is only 2-3 headlight, but it feels manuverable yet solid at contact.
- It is pretty stable for its weight, i didn't experienced any vibration or torque like with 400 Tour in stock form.

- Depth control. I was hitting long more than usuall. From forehand i could keep ball in when i put enough spin on the ball, but i could not find confidence with my flatter 2HBH.
- Small sweetspot for 100 inch head size. Sweetspot is narrow and probablly smallest from all 100 inch head size racquets i tested so far.
- String durability. It is string shredder. With so open string pattern there is much bigger stress on strings and they lose tension faster, start to move faster and they are more notched than usual.

As for spin, i don't think my shots jumped higher than with other frames with tighter patterns. I can get decent spin with all string patterns, but i noticed
that my shots were heavier with added power and hitting partners which are used to my game had more problems with my forehand shots.

I like hitting with this frame, but in training sets with my hitting partners i had worse results than usual, just because of more unforced errors. I'm just not as confident from baseline like with 400T for example.

I will give it one more chance and i will string it with thicker gauge a little bit higher next time. I like some aspects of this frame, but need to fix depth control issue.
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