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Well, St Anton was a mixed bag.

Arrival day: Rain at base level, snow at the top.

Day 1: Powder up top in the morning, crust lower down. Good skiing up high for the first few hours, but the sun wreaked havoc with the snow as the day progressed.

Days 2-4: Too much sun and warm temperatures. Crust all around. Had to climb and traverse quite a bit to find decent snow.

Day 5: New snow on crust; temps back below freezing. Interesting skiing, some powder turns, some crusty turns. Still a bit of climbing involved.

Day 6: Powder! Whiteout conditions up top (1.5-chair visibility on the ride up), nice stuff lower down. Set off a few mini avalanches throughout the day, got a few face shots, smiled a lot. Good times.

Departure day: Had to catch the train back to Zurich before the downhill race, so no Lindsay/Julia watching unfortunately. Just saw the highlights yesterday.
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