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Originally Posted by datsveryinterestin View Post
Well even though my game parts of my game were awesome with vcore89 i am over it. Sort of hard to tell if i should make such a drastic switch when i never played anybody over 2.0.
Also selling my ig speeds even though they were great for pegging 1st serves at sappy and 2nd serves at coolblue! I just wanted a more solid feel and slightly more power so the search goes on.
I think i could krush ALL with blxpro but i was quickly reminded in my wrist and elbow about how.stiff those suckers are. So i might jist use them but need softer poly if im gonna be able to use them.
Anybody that uses or clone have poly suggestion? I wish.i could use hybrid but it just isnt as spin lethal. Black code 17 has been killin my arm although it is VERY d aold and dead string.
I never used PD or colne but always remebered Big Ace being pretty soft for me
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