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Originally Posted by rafafan20 View Post
I haven't owned an 18x20 since I was a junior player but I love the pro, give 'er a whirl.

mrmo1115 what are you currently using and are you going to switch to the pro?
I currently use the babolat storm tour and have been using it for a bit more than a year now. I really do think this will be my next frame. But I want a couple more hours with the frame before I pull the trigger.

Originally Posted by Torres View Post
For those that have hit with the Speed Pro, is there much flex to it in the throat? The RA stiffness seems to be right up there which isn't quite my preference...
I think I'm the only one that mentioned the racquet being a bit stiff. But I think it was more of me not used to a full bed of poly than the racquet itself

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