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Thanks for all the great tips everyone. They have really helped/

The last couple of evenings Ive taken to the court and have been working hard. The tip of using a semi - continental grip is working well. I broke my wrist a year or so ago, so I have limited ROM which seems to be inhibitng pronation of my wrist when serving. So Ive been practicing using a grip that is almost continental.

Ive tried to experiemnt and no over think things to much, but tips I have found useful so far in increasing the conistency and quality of the serves (Im even seeing kick and dip):

- Placing markers just to the left of my feet inside the court encouraging me to follow through forward and not fall over backwards. BIG difference.
- Holding on to the the racket with a loose grip. Seems to have loosened up my whole serving motion. Its also allowing my wrist to naturally move.
- Tossing the ball into the court more.
- Watching the ball closely and 'feeling' it rather than slapping at it.
- Staying more side on
- And of course serving as many balls as I can. I have about 25 balls, must of gone through them at least 10-15 times tonight. Building that muscle memory.

Results Ive seen so far:
- Greater consistency. By the end of my session today I was up to around 70%.
- Ability to land the ball with higher net clearance. Top spin is kicking in.
- Balls kicking up.

I noticed that about 90% balls I faulted on were balls I netted. And the balls I landed were quite short. I was kind of encouraged by this as it means I have clearance to hit hader and up through the ball more. short. With my previous serve these would sail way past the service line with no spin to bring them down.

Will try to a video soon, just got to get a little more tech savvy.


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