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It's not about money. Lleyton is Lleyton ; a fighter.

competing at this level gives his life a purpose. this matters a lot once you turn 30 and have achieved a bit of success.

you train, you practice, you keep in shape, you develop techniques to compensate for injuries, you go out there focused and test yourself against the best in the world. it gives you meaning and fills the emptiness of life.

what else is there to strive for? rafter is leading the Davis Cup team and Hewitt doesn't seem like the coach type. he doesn't seem like the business type either, as if making money would fill the tennis void.

love him or hate him, there are strong reasons for both, he has always been a fighter. i think he'll keep at it until his body breaks down even more and stops him. i think that's admirable in a way.

I'm not complaining, he's still great to watch as his latest match showed us.
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