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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
....and Hingis owned Seles so ....
With all the respect to Hingis she only owned way past her prime Seles who is no longer the same player after stabbing anyway.
On the other hand ı dont believe Seles was what Nadal to Fed. Seles never manage to beat Graf on a fast surface even before the stabbing.There was a time after 89 Graf begin to lose the likes of old Navratilova,Sabatini and her other rivals.Seles won 3 majors in 91 there was no Graf waiting for her in the finals.If not Seles stabbing we would have watched more RG finals like 92,which Seles won 10-8 in the third.It wasnt like Seles looks so dominant against Graf on clay.İt was Graf who looks so dominant against Seles on faster surfaces.I still believe Graf would have won 18 major titles even without the Seles stabbing.I gave 93 95 96 RG titles to Monica plus 94 AO.
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