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I don't use the 200 tour but my Dunlops are weighted similarly and have a 16 x 19 pattern.

What I think you need is more spin, try a full bed of soft poly (I'd reccommend Weisscannon Turbo twist 1.25mm at 50-54lbs or Polystar Enegry 1.25mm at 52-56lbs).

As for natural gut, I love Pacific Classic 1.30mm with smooth 1.25mm poly crosses (Weisscannon Scorpion is my preference) strung at 50-54lbs mains with crosses 3 or 4lbs lower.

Great spin, power and feel and if kept dry with a few string savers in worn areas, excellent durability.

For a full bed of 1.30mm Nat gut I'd up the tension to 58-68lbs, depending on climate.
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