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Originally Posted by HughJars View Post
Hi all, Im a rec player who has been occasionally playing with a friend, and recently taken to playing, training and taking the game a little more seriously over the last couple of months as Ive realised what a great game tennis is, and how much easier it is on my stiff and sore body from a life of playing football. I was at a group coaching session last week where the local pro pointed out that Ive been using the wrong grip for my serve - the eastern forehand.

Ive always regarded my first serve as probably my best shot - its quite quick, however in terms of consistency most of the time its consistent, however other times it falls to pieces. I guess the margin for error is so small cos there is no spin on the ball. And windyconditions play havoc. As for the second serve, well its just an embarressing push.

So Im trying to get used to serving with the continental grip to give me some more margin for error. And it's not going well. Like yesterday's match where I served out the final set with 10 double faults. Im wondering, is changing from the eastern forehand to the continental simply a matter of re-directing the direction of my serve to about 30 degrees clockwise (RH) from the target (instead of directly at the target with the forehand grip Ive been using) using the same service action? And what direction should my momentum be going during the serve? Should pronation be happening naturally? If not, how can pronation be developed?

Sorry about the noob questions in advance.
This link is the best I have seen for explaining how the serve should feel. Especially watch the first video. It is easily the best serve tip video I have seen.
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