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Default Playtesters: Arm freindly substitute for APD?

I've been using the APD for about a year and a half, after returning to the game after an 18 year sabattical. Love the racquet and the free power it provides. But lately, I have been noticing some tenderness/tightness in my elbow after playing. So I am thinking about demoing a couple of racquets. Based on your reviews, I was thinking about the following demos:

1. Volkl V1 organix MP
2. Donnay Formula.

I play mostly doubles, but play some singles. When I play singles, I generally play baseline with a semi western forehand and a 2 handed backhand, but do come to the net when the opportunity presents itself. Any other obvious frames for demo that I am missing?

Thanks in advance for any recommendations that you can offer.
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