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Originally Posted by yonexRx32 View Post
Many people, including McEnroe, Gilbert, and others have suggested a change of coach. Has it occurred to anyone that there may not be any upside to Young? That this is as good as he'll ever be? I think it's a plausible scenario.
Young is 75-125 player right now (as far as long terming)

he can shoot higher like he is now, and can make a run on some hard courts to get back down, but without coaching change his game wont ever break that bubble

i exchanged many tweets with both pMac and Gilbert, both of them predicting Blake to win the match, and i argued that he is the better player now, mostly because of his youth, spin and shot selection. He lost to a good player in the final Q, a good start to 2013, but low on the prospect list for USA right now. His serve will be his weapon this year. pMac was not too happy seeing Young beat Blake.
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