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Default String Recommendations - YOUTEK IG Speed 18x20 and AeroPro Drive GT (both pre-2013s)

Hey, looking for some advice on setups for these two sticks. I'm sure I can dig up some stuff scattered on the site, but maybe people have some fresh perspectives.

1. On the Speed, I currently have a full bed of Babolat VS Natural Team Gut 17 at 58. I've only had this stick for a couple of weeks, so just learning its ins and outs. I'm generally happy with the VS, and will play with it until it wears, but curious about different set ups to unleash the Speed's full potential. I know Nole uses VS and ALU (at least, that's what public sources say), but I'd be willing to try a full bed of poly/co-poly, if people have found success.

2. On the Aero Pro Drive, I've really only used RPM blast in a full bed and hybrid set up. Really frustrated with this stick. Everything seems to sail after a few days of play and never get the desireable feel. I'm considering trying a full bed of some type of poly or co-poly (other than RPM). Perhaps Solinco Tour Bite 16L (1.25) or Yonex Poly Tour Spin 1.25 16L. Please let me know your thoughts and what's worked for you.

Thanks for your time and advice.
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