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I can tell you that this video will make no difference to either school. Playing tennis is not as important as how well you play tennis. Admissions people, especially for extremely selective schools, look mainly to outstanding extracurriculars. What that means is instead of being in Spanish club, Latin club, German club, French club, math club, science olympics, brain game, and being able to play tennis, the violin, piano and be in pep band, you should be president of German club, a top state tennis player AND captain of your school's team and also be a concert pianist. The saying quality not quantity is what counts because everyone has great grades and will swarm to extracurricular activities just to put them on their resume. Excelling in a few is what gets you noticed. Been here and done that 4 times now (HS, undergrad, grad and career).

To whomever asked, yes, both schools have tennis teams. Cal Tech is actually quite a solid one for what they are.
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