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Originally Posted by neverstopplaying View Post
I'm considering a switch to the 2013 Blade 18x20 from the P1 16x19.

Hitting with the P1 is sublime - great power, plow through and feel is second to none. As much as I didn't find the weigh too much at first, I had a losing percentage in league play form Sept-Dec and found myself lacking energy at the end of matches. I also find the power a little hard to control. If my footwork gets sloppy (late) or contact point is off a little, the ball sails.

During the 1st outings with the Blade, the lower static weight and increased control of 18x20 are obvious. Mishits result in more shock transfer and some elbow discomfort after matches. I'm hitting heavier balls with the Blade, which surprised me; this is probably due to higher racquet head speed.

It's fairly easy to switch from one to the other as the SWs are similar. I've had 2 great wins with the Blade so far and bought a 2nd. I'm hoping that, as I get more used to it, the discomfort will subside, as my hitting will adjust to the Blade.
I found the Blade harder to swing due to the higher swingweight and much more weight in the head. The Blade is just 1 pt headlite and the Pro 1 is 4. That's a pretty substantial difference. Also the Blade felt quite a bit stiffer to me. The Blade is less powerful and thus, more control...especially with the 18x20. I also think the Blade is slightly more of a "players racquet" than the P1. The sweetspot on the P1 seems slightly larger and more forgiving. They are both great racquets for sure and can be real weapons in the right hands.
You can't really go wrong with either. I think the largest distinction between the two is the balance difference.
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