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Originally Posted by beernutz View Post
That's why I don't use signals at all for poaching. Poaching effectively imo depends on the server being able to serve the ball into the center of the court near the T and there are too many servers at 3.5 and 4.0 who can't do that. Heck, most of the benefit I see of poaching and fake poaching is generating UEs and weak returns by putting doubt into the mind of the returner about where exactly the poacher will be.
What you are describing is not a called poach. It is just playing off the serve. The net man should always shift with the serve and look to be aggessive but a CALLED POACH rquires the net man to cover the CC return and requires the server to switch cover the DTL return.

Playing aggressively off the serve AND a CALLED POACH are both great strategies but they are 2 vary different things. When playing off the serve, the net man is ultimately responsible for the DTL return and he is responsible for the CC return on a called poach.
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