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Originally Posted by neil1b View Post

I have tested a ton of 18x20 as well as have played with the prestige mp and radical for many years.

I will go out on a limb and say that this racquet produces the most controllable power image ever seen with a 18x20 pattern. This racquet does everything phenomenally well. It swings with ease and balls are hit exactly where intended.

Oh yeah.........the head shape has a little ovalish head shape, but it is not noticed when hitting. Nothing like the past dunlops-

This stick outshines everything in the head line including the radical and prestige pros in the power category. More precision than the mp prestige.

Grip shape is spot on, not rounded and not square.
So would you say this is one of the first 18x20 that has more power and spin than typical 18x20 while giving you more of a 16x19 lively string bed feel? I tried out both the Youtek Prestige MP and Pro and found them underpowered though control was great and have pretty much associated 18x20 with great control but lacks that additional pop and ease of spin.
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