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Originally Posted by TennisCJC View Post
What you are describing is not a called poach. It is just playing off the serve. The net man should always shift with the serve and look to be aggessive but a CALLED POACH rquires the net man to cover the CC return and requires the server to switch cover the DTL return.

Playing aggressively off the serve AND a CALLED POACH are both great strategies but they are 2 vary different things. When playing off the serve, the net man is ultimately responsible for the DTL return and he is responsible for the CC return on a called poach.
No there are poaches and there are called poaches. I agree that what I'm doing is not a called poach but it absolutely a poach. Poaching can be done on any point in doubles, not just the serve.

Here's a write up that explains my understanding of poaching and actually names the two types: situational and planned.
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