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The poll results are about right. It is really only a 2 horse race between Graf and Serena these days. A poll done outside this forum which is heavily anti Serena would be even closer between them than this one though. A better poll is who is 3rd best all time between the remaining players.

As for a Navratilova supporter saying Graf had no competition, dont make me laugh. Navratilova's 83-86 era was the weakest era in womens tennis history probably. Evert from 83-86 was the same ages as Navratilova herself from 86-89 so if one says Graf faced an "aging Navratilova" then likewise all Navratilova faced was an "aging Evert" when she won almost all her slams, and unless Evert is really >>>>>>>>> Navratilova overall, a 29-32 year old Navratilova who was a super late bloomer who won only 2 slams before turning 25 had sure as heck better be better at those ages than the former teenage phenom Chris Evert. Then there is Mandilikova who had most of her best tennis at the tail end of the Chris era (80-81), who won 3 of her 4 career slams at slams missing 2 of the big 3 women at the time which was largely the norm for the Australian until the mid 80s, and the French due to WTT in the mid 70s to early 80s (1980 Australian Austin and Evert missing, 1987 Australian Graf and Evert missing, 1981 French Austin and Navratilova missing), and who at absolute most generous is roughly on par with Sanchez Vicario (I only say this is even possible since Sanchez greatly benefited from the Seles stabbing). I know some will dispute that part only being blinded by Hana's incredible talent and highs she occasionaly reached on her 3% of the time great days, which indeed is far above Sanchez's, and ignore her wretched consistency and all her bad losses even in her prime years, which Sanchez Vicario rarely had. Anyway even as far as ability to produce big wins, Sanchez beat Graf 4 times in slams, and gave her 2 other of the all time greatest matches (95 Wimbledon, 96 French) which is equally impressive to anything Hana did. After that you have Shriver, Turnbull, and briefly Jaeger, who are vastly inferior to the likes of Sabatini, Pierce, and Novotna. Shriver in 2 of her best years ever played a young Graf in slams and lost 6-2, 6-1, 6-2, 6-0, and 6-4, 6-3 in her only respectable showing. The remainder of the top 10 was mostly made up of either 3rd string Germans like Hanika, Kohde Kilsch, Bunge, or third string Americans like Gaudesek, Potter, Rinaldi, who a 15 year old Graf was already beating by scores like 6-2, 6-1. The zenith of Martina's dominance says it all. 1983 her best year ever with only 1 loss. The 4 slam finals this year were Jasouvec vs Evert, Jaeger vs Navratilova, Evert vs Navratilova, Jordan vs Evert. Apart from Evert vs Navratilova all pretty much jokes that look like they should be 3rd or 4th round matches, and 3 of the 4 saw the loser win 4 games or less too. Some great WTA that was, LOL! Navratilova even had to defend the state of the WTA from agressive reporters at her press conference at the 83 U.S Open and ran out in tears in frusteration at the end of it.

Anyway based on what she faced from 1999-2007 overall alone Serena's competition >>>>>>>> Graf's or Navratilova's anyway. Both ladies had joke competition compared to what Serena for the longest while (not now but most of her career) faced. 1999-2003 had the deepest ladies field in history and Serena was the Queen Bee and won 7 slams, including the Serena Slam of 4 in a row at one point amongst that field.

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