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Originally Posted by MarinaHighTennis View Post
So my friend has picked up tennis last year (he quit varsity basketball and baseball to play tennis). Any places of improvement?

Also, this is his college recruiting video for CalTech/MIT. He hopes tennis will help show his versatility to get him in, instead of solely relying on his grades. Did we make the video alright?

The Table of Contents is interactive so you can skip around the video too
First of all, if your friend has only been playing tennis for a year, his game is quite developed. The form on both of his groundstrokes looks pretty solid(yes, loading on the right leg with a generally open stance wil help with consistent power-from the video, it looks like he is not extremely tall-I can relate-so any additional power will come in handy). Volleys need the most work. * Too much backwsing on the forehand side. He should turn shoulder more and work on cupping/slicing the volley.
*I am on a fairly small screen on a laptop so I couldn't tell what he was using for for sure, but volleys need to be made with a continental grip.

Good luck to your friend on his college career.
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