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Default Best Doctor for Tennis Elbow?

I'm 43 (male), live in Houston, TX, and have been playing tennis off and on for about 20 years. About 15 years ago I developed some very bad tennis elbow and probably some myocitis (sp?) and tendonitis in my forearm. It was so bad I could lift a glass and I basically quit the game for a few years. The bug hit me about 6 years ago and I got back in to it. Everything was fine until the early part of this past summer. After playing for about five minutes I noticed some tenderness in my forearm and elbow. I quit immediately for fear I would do any significant damage. Unfortunately, even though I wasn't playing the pain just got worse. I knew I shouldn't play until I had zero pain and after laying off for over 6 months it feels like I might be getting close. It is still there, but improved quite a bit.

My goal is to return to tennis pain-free and NEVER run the risk of having this problem again. The rest I'm sure did me good, but I should probably seek the advice of the best doctor possible who might specialize in treatment and recovery for tennis elbow. Does anyone happen to know anyone in Houston they could recommend? If not, is there a specific doctor that I should look for that would know how to properly treat something like this and offer steps to ensure it does not return?
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