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Originally Posted by MarinaHighTennis View Post
Thanks for that. He is apllying based on academics (4.8-5.0 gpa), but for those extracurricular actv: varsity baseball, basketball, captain of robotics team, etc. Should i list that in the video?

@rkelley: hes only going to send it to the schools he apllied to
If you're going to school for academics, it comes down to whether or not you can put it on paper. Admissions will not look at the video. Athletics MIGHT if they're looking to recruit. He isn't, however, going there to play tennis as you said. He's going there to get one of the best educations in the world. Having done a spell in my schools admission's office, I can tell you (and specifically for first-year engineering which happens to be applicable to this situation) that they look at 3 things.

First is your transcript just to make sure. You won't be applying to MIT without stellar grades, so that's not an issue. Next is your resume. They want to see something that pops, and hopefully is related to what you're applying for. Something like being captain of the robotics team AND also won design awards for independent work in robotics is an example. That's applicable and shows you're very passionate about it. Finally is your extracurricular background. What sports did you play and where did you fall? If you can get varsity in his sports and have him work his *** off this spring and summer in tennis to make the top 5 on the varsity tennis team, that shows an incredibly well rounded person. Most importantly, it shows that you are driven to excel in everything instead of driven to just be a member of everything.

That's my pvaudio to rising-senior-in-high-school advice for the day regarding tennis. He has a very strong background already, so if he wants to play tennis, now is definitely the time to put in the hours and come out blazing in the fall. Best of luck

(note: I did not forget about test scores. For this caliber of school, they are absolutely meaningless and are simply a formality. GPA trumps all test scores.)

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