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Originally Posted by klementine79 View Post
^Nice. I'm constantly working on that. Loose, loose form and just a tad bit of contraction upon hitting, then back to loose. PP, you're correct, on serve it's day and night. That looseness starts in the legs and transfers throughout body. It's fun lining it up with your body.

Was watching the Ravens/Broncos playoff game on saturday and the analyst made a comment about Anquan Boldin, how he catches the ball with his eyes, not his hands.

Which can completely carry over to tennis. In fact, that loose form helps making contact using your eyes easier. When the body is loose and timing is on, the eyes hit the ball.

Agassi was the master in this regard. Smooth, loose and impeccable timing. That's why he was so good at picking it up on the rise.
Yeah, the shoulder really relaxes on serve now and I got the racquet to drop to the right of my body a lot easier.

It is just crazy how loud a racquet can be once you get this down.
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