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Originally Posted by ian2 View Post
I can't recommend a doctor but I can (highly!) recommend this: It really works... at least it did for me.

You might also want to take a look at your equipment as it could be attributing to the problem. What racket(s)/strings/tension are you are using? How often do you restring?

And of course technique... which could be the main contributing factor (note that pros have all kinds of injuries but hardly ever suffer from tennis elbow). Of course addressing possible technique issues is complicated, and depending on personal circumstances may or may not be feasible.

Good luck!
Yea, I have a theraband. I hope to start using it more once I get completely pain-free if the doctor thinks it is best. I hit with a ProKennex Ki5 (very arm friendly) with all natural gut strung at 59#. I've got to believe the issue is not the racquet or strings, it must be my technique. I sure wish I could figure out with the culprit is in my swing (probably plenty of problems).
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