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I've gotten a lot out of the videos and articles at (disclaimer: I have no affiliation with the owner and I make no money by recommending the website). I've bought tennis videos/DVDs in the past including James Jensen's entire set but haven't gotten nearly as much benefit as I have from what I've seen at tennisoxygen which is available for only $35 year. There are quite a few free videos from the place on youtube so you can try before you buy which is what I did. I really like how Christophe takes videos of the pros, slows them down, and points out the common elements of their strokes which you can try to incorporate into your own strokes.

Here's an example of a free one, which is an older one but gives you a good idea about what he does, however, his newer videos are better quality (he must have upgraded his video camera).

I like that you are getting some hands-on instruction. I took a couple of clinics with a 5.0+ former college singles player in the fall which helped me a great deal.
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