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Originally Posted by ollinger View Post
A laudable goal, but completely unrealistic. Whatever you might do to improve the symptoms, nothing you can do can eliminate the risk of the problem recurring. There simply is nothing that "immunizes" you against it, particularly as you want to continue with tennis. Being over 40 in particular means greater risk of recurrence, so consider carefully how much you want to play tennis, and how often.
I know what you are saying, zero risk of injury just isn't possible. I guess what I'm looking for is a path to get me as close to zero as possible.

The reason I have it in my mind that it might be attainable is from doing P90X a couple years ago. P90X was no joke and it involved a great deal of weight training. Once I completed the 90 days (took everything I had) my arm and elbow felt as strong as it could be. Where it feels like I may have gotten myself in trouble was abandoning weight training and simply playing tennis often. My guess is that at my age I might need to be doing the strength training to allow me to play tennis pain-free. Hopefully, a doctor will be able to give me specifics.
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