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Originally Posted by wmilas View Post
I only string for myself and friends, I don't have the experience with the number of racquets you do. I'm guessing by "normal" you mean tie mains off at 6T, start cross at 8H tie start at 5H?! and tie cross end at 10T or 11T.. I'm guessing 10T? Skip 8's.

I guess is the cross start tie and end tie that are confusing. 5H looks reasonable for start but I'd guess 11T for end as that's the traditional 3rd cross tie off but its SOOOO far up the side of the frame. 10T looks more sane but that's only 1 cross up.
Post #1085 is my experience with stringing a 105s with the G4... isn't the 99s recommended to be a 1 pc also? Why did you go 2 pc?
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