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Talking A good story...

...because I've hit a bunch with NLBwell (although not last summer...sorry about that, NLB, I had a bunch of Bad Things come up last year, let's try again next summer...) and (a) I'm even older than he is and (b) I'm a witness...he is getting better, and so am I. We've both played a bunch, so it's kind of a mutual coaching situation where I'll see things that he does well, and other things that might go better, and he'll do the same for my game.

So after working on stuff for a while, we'll crank up and play some points, which definitely helps me, because NLB is a big guy with a huge serve, so I have to do the right thing, and do it sooner than later, otherwise I'm toast. Good story, NLB...let's reconvene next summer!
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