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For 3.0 level, I suggest backing up, letting the ball bounce and drop to just below shoulder height and hitting your normal groundstroke back with a lot of net clearance to keep it deep.

If you have a pretty good forehand, and you want to be more aggressive, try: hitting a hard topspin shot usually CC but DTL is OK. But sure to use some knee bend and lift because it is real easy to muff a slow high bouncy ball if you don't use some leg lift. If I am set up, I like to hit this pretty fast but with a lot of topspin for margin of error. Again, my key is use the legs to lift.

As others say, you can also move in and take it out of the air with a volley into the open court. Since you will likely be hitting this volley from fairly deep, you want to hit a firm volley and not try anything fancy - no severe angles or drop volleys. Basically, you are hitting an approach volley that you follow to net. I would not use a topspin drive volley, but an underspin volley as it is easier to learn and to keep deep.

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