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Originally Posted by Sid_Vicious View Post
I never said Federer's movie choices were more artsy.

Slumdog Millionaire was horrendous and not even close to being "artsy". I guarantee that Djokovic would not consider that movie his favorite anymore. That interview was from March 2009, what happened, most likely, was that Djokovic watched that movie a few weeks earlier and immediately labeled it his favorite movie of all time. Bottom line is that liking blockbusters does not make you a dumb person. Federer's choices pretty much give away that he is not a guy who watches many movies. They are all childhood favorites most likely.
Djoko also attended the Cannes festival as I remember. You can say it's a place to "be seen" but still IMO it shows he takes an interest in independant film.

Fed likes "action movies" as he said. He doesn't read books either. I'm not saying he's dumb but people who don't read books are rarely considered "intellectual."

Fed is more of a practical, problem-solving kinda guy. He was a video-game junkie when younger and his coach said his favorite game was some sort of James Bond thing where he had to figure out how to "get into" different rooms and how he was very clever at it. This is stuff that requires mental gymnastics, but it's not what would be called "intellectual."
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