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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
500's benefit from thicker strings....less bounce, more control, longer lasting, softer feel.
String at 52, swing out at every stroke...don't bunt the ball.
Stiffness can hurt your elbow/shoulder/wrist with tiny grips, but if you hit center, it's no problem. I use 5/8th with an overgrip, medium hands.
The 500 Series are frames designed for full, fast and the more modern game. They are as LeeD states, are not for short bunting strokes. The only way to get the best out of this series is to take full rips at the ball. The sweetspot is somewhat narrow and rewards clean ball striking. Outside of sweetpot can be somewhat harsh and jarring. The RA being quite high can cause arm pain and soreness if you string too high. I had some nice results using 16G softer co-polys just over mid tension. If you plan is to string high with a stiffer poly to obtain better control than you are in for a possible sore arm, wrist or shoulder.
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