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Originally Posted by zam88 View Post
that's fine.

I guess though that I absolutely cringe at the thought of Nadal, Federer, Djoker doing this.... I know everyone can't walk away like Sampras... in fact 99.999/100 can't walk away like that.

But Roddick is a better player than Hewitt is right now and I absolutely respect him for getting out.

There's something about a former #1 and slam champion just hanging around like this that seems somewhat uncomfortable.

If for any reason Nadal, Federer, or Djoker were to pull a Hewitt type stunt and play until nearly 40 whilst losing a ton along the way, i'd lose respect for any of them.... including my favorite player ever in Roger..... don't subject us to more than 1 Rosol moment please?
I absolutely respect both Roddick and Hewitt.

Roddick was motivated by being top 10, and when that became no longer realistic, he decided to retire rather than continue without a chance of maintaining his goals.

Hewitt is in a very different position; unlike Roddick he was out of the picture for a long time due to injury, and as a result I think his motivation is just to play better, enjoy playing healthy, and maybe try have one more deep run in a major. Maybe the odds are slim, but it's something he can still conceivably achieve.

In both cases their decisions are based on their own personal motivations, and not based on how others are going to perceive them or their 'legacies'.

If for example Fed continued to play till age 40 while dropping to #50 or whatever, I would maybe cringe as a fan seeing his decline in playing ability and watching him get beat by mediocre players, but I'd respect that he is playing out of a love for the game and the competition.
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