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Originally Posted by neil1b View Post
What type of stroke do you have? Swing type, current string type, racquet and tension? I like to know this info before I make a recommendation. Also what type of string would you be referring to in those combinations?
I mainly use Babolat VS 17gauge non BT7 natural gut mains and Ltec 4S crosses and on a PSTGT, I string it at 58lbs mains/52lbs crosses and it feels good. On my blade 98 16x19, I tried 55lbs/50lbs but felt too springy so I probably will have to up it to 58lbs/52lbs like my PSTGT.

I also use Biphase X1 17gauge and string it at 58lbs full setup. The reason I ask is I haven't had much luck trying to find a good tension for 18x20 on the two Head Youtek Prestige MP and Pro and I know you tend to string lower due to the tighter string bed so a starting suggestion would be helpful.
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