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Originally Posted by neil1b View Post
I disagree with the comment as not as much control as the prestige mp. Here's how I see it. The prestige mp has control because of the lack of power it produces and what is required by the user. The speed had exceptional control WITH a ton of power. It you hit with less power and not as aggressive as a swing, the control is better IMO that the prestige.
I just think the Prestige might have a tad more control. I did say it was comparable but I think the low power definitely contributes to the control of the Prestige. The Speed is more powerful thus just a bit less control but its still solid. You get a bit of both IMO.

Originally Posted by neil1b View Post
Those two sticks are very string Dependant. To answer your question,yes this is hands down the best 18x20 I have hit with. Granted I have not experimented with any other string or tension yet, which could get better or worse. I string racquets myself and knowing my game,think I dialed the string tension/spec to my liking and game.

The string bed isn't 16x19 like, its unique. It does not have the loose feeling that the 16x19 can feel like, but it does have the plush forgiving sweet spot of an open pattern racquet.

Try this stick period. Its worth the demo. It has great spin and pop with the control of the tight pattern. This is,for me,the shangra-la of what I was looking for.

Funny, my local store said head is already backordered on these.
I totally agree with your comments on the racquet. Love it myself. I'd switch but I still want to have more playing time with it. Luckily for me, I can get these racquets with the Head partial sponsorship package since I'm a college player.

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